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6.1. Existing clients can use our internet banking service's Contact Centre to send us messages securely. If you are not currently using our Internet Banking service or are not a client of the Bank, you can contact us via email at info@nodabank.com, though email communication is less secure than using the Contact Centre.
6.2. In the case of reporting a security breach or concern, contact the bank by telephone and confirm in writing via email to info@nodabank.com from the email account linked to your Account.

7.1. Correspondence may be sent to:
Client Relations Nodabank Corporation, 40 Kennedy Avenue, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica

8.1. Credit and mortgage facilities may be available from the Bank, subject to status and security. Detailed information on credit facilities is accessible upon request, and it is advisable to contact us through the Contact Centre for mortgages or other secured loans.
8.2. Failure to maintain repayments on a mortgage may result in repossession of your property.
8.3. Any Bank Debit Card or Credit Card issued by the Bank is a regulated product.

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11.1. The value of investments (including income generated) can fluctuate, and you may not recoup your initial investment. Due to exposure to overseas markets, exchange rate fluctuations can impact investments. It is advisable to regard investment companies as medium to long-term investments, and individuals subject to exchange controls should seek independent advice before investing.1

12.1. Trading or holding Crypto and/or Digital Currency carries substantial risk. Before engaging in such activities, carefully consider whether it is suitable for your financial situation.

13. TAX
13.1. Banking offshore may offer potential tax benefits, but tax regulations vary by country. Seek professional tax advice if unsure about your tax obligations, as disclosing income to tax authorities is your responsibility.
13.2. Tax advice on this Site is based on current and proposed legislation and practice and should not be construed as legal or tax advice.

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17.1. The Bank engages with clients through social media channels to inform and assist them. Comments and posts are monitored and recorded for service improvement purposes.
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